A new waste of time and money

May 10, 2012Posted by Xanzoken


Ermahgerd! I decided to buy another domain name for no reason in particular (I think I have too much expendable cash..) so check it out!
Woosah. There's also forums which you can access here but not like there's anything happening there.

I wanted money, cause money don't lie

May 10, 2012Posted by Xanzoken


So one day I decided, it's time to decide something. With this decision came implications of the choice which resulted in consequences. Consequences that nobody could have forsaw. And by the time I realised this it was already too late. The consequences were so gross that I had to cover my mouth to stop myself from vomiting.

I'm singing in the rain
Just singing in the rain
What a wonderfull feeling, I am
Happy again~


January 13, 2012Posted by Xanzoken


..Have you ever had the problem where miserable little piles of flesh can't reach a decision on their own, but jump at the opportunity to complain about solutions presented to them? I have.

New logo

July 23, 2011Posted by Xanzoken


Courtesy of the lovely kooks! Also redone a bunch of colours to make it more.. green!

Welcome to Hysteria

July 17, 2011Posted by Xanzoken


If you're looking for Hysteria the alliance Aman'thul guild, you've come to the wrong place. RIP Hysteria, we had good times! Forums are still up, however new character registration has been disabled 'cause I can't be bothered to delete all the spam bots. If anyone is still out there and wants to set up a website for the guild and I actually know you, please contact me on: xanzoken@hysteriaguild.net

Rev Underground link on the top bar, forums are still there but hidden.. see if you can find the link on the page! Char planner is pretty much done, just need to do Deemer but.. they're deemers?

For the poker players out there, check out the work in progress here. Tips, information, etc!

Hysteria scans was a little project I had going.. wasn't really that keen. Did a couple of Mahou Sensei Negi! chapters when scans were slow, but now.. RHS has picked it up, more power to them!